Use Garden Pots To Beautify The Landscape

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Are you thinking of ways to create a simple yet beautiful garden? A garden in an important aspect of your home and a good landscape design can transform the patch of land into an attractive oasis. There are several elements that goes into making a garden complete like garden pots, planter pots, grass, trees, larger plants and shrubs, water features, pebbles and stones, and pavers among others. Each of these elements has its own importance but it is a garden pot that often is something that you simply cant do without.

So, what is it that makes garden pots a mainstay of any gardening activity or landscape design? There uses of these pots can be categorised as under:

Beautification: There is a huge variety of shape, size, design, and colours available in garden pots Melbourne. As a result, you can mix and match shapes, sizes, and colours to achieve the look and feel you desire.

Saplings: These pots can be used for planting seeds so that saplings can emerge. Normally, the size of such pots is smaller than the landscaping pots.

Plants: There is a variety of pots available for planting indoors or outdoors. If you are thinking of outdoor plants then you can plant everything from exotic flowers to ferns. If you are thinking about indoor use then these pots can be used for maintaining artificial plants Melbourne.

Choose from a Variety of Garden Pots

Whether you are thinking about planting the thyme pink-bells or the Black-eyed Susan, the grass triggerplant or any other native plant, you will find a wide variety of garden pots Melbourne to choose from. You can choose your pots on the basis of size, shape, and style. Some of the common types of pots being used in Melbourne homes include:

Urns: These are the “big daddy” in the category of pots and can be used for outdoor plants as well as indoor artificial plants Melbourne. These are basically large pots that are shaped like an urn and have a glossy colour exterior. It is made from ceramic and the biggest available size for your home is 85cm x 50cm

Entrance pots: As the name suggests, these pots make a pretty impression at the entrance gate to your garden or the entrance door of your home. They are normally used for potting larger plants like the black bean, umbrella tree, silky oak, syzygium, and Davidsons plum among others. These large garden pots are available in different colours like red, black and blue. They are also available in three different sizes of 51cm, 64cm, and 78cm.

Italian terracotta: This is one of the most prefered choices for homes in Melbourne. The shape of the garden pots varies from rectangle trough to medium and small round pots. As the name suggest, they are made from terracotta and are available in a variety of sizes. They are best used for small plants and shrubs.

Indoor plant pots: These pots have been specially created and designed to fit into the indoor space. They are available in a variety of colours and are perfect for potting artificial plants Melbourne. They are stylish to look at and their shape can vary from cylindrical to oval and from bucket shape to rectangular.

There are several other categories of garden pots available including Terrazo trough and egg pots.