Treat Your Family This Year With Mortons Fresh Christmas Turkeys

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As the Christmas period looms more and more closer, it will soon be time to start getting ready for the big day, setting up the tree, buying and gift wrapping gifts and picking out that all important dinner element, the turkey! During the big shop we all begin to see the tons of signs claiming the different meats on offer are free range, however of course we all as shoppers are being given more awareness on the importance of free range, what does this term actually imply? And with the quantity of free range products on offer, all ranging from several different prices, how can we know we’re not purely being duped into paying out more money, when we dont know what were purchasing.

The phrase free range signifies the animal in question is raised in conditions that permit them to wander freely in an open vicinity. However, it has been known that some farms have met these specifications purely by letting their animals entry an outdoor area, meaning that some turkeys will be kept in small, fenced in lots, crowded with hundreds of other turkeys and will still be classified as free range. The good news however, is that farms using these certain situations are beginning to decrease. The Environmental Health and the Traditional Farmfresh Turkey Association (TFTA) are beginning to conduct regular visits to farms, ensuring that their conditions are meeting a high standard of free range requirements.

For reassurance and to prevent being ripped off this Christmas, its preferable to choose a quality assured free range farm to buy your turkey from. Mortons free range turkey farm based in Norfolk only commence their rearing process with the best high quality chicks taken from slow growing strains, from the age of eight weeks old their turkeys are then supplied with 24 access to their substantial range. Mortons is a family run farm currently within its third generation with Rob Morton, his wife Becca and little assistants, George, Sam and Emily. The family prefer to only rear a small amount of turkeys each year, enabling them to employ close attention to detail. A great deal of care goes into the rearing of the Mortons turkeys, as the birds are just fed on food containing no growth promoters or additives and are housed in mobile sheds, bedded with thoroughly clean straw at all times. The Mortons will even dry pluck the turkeys on the farm to minimise their stress.

To enjoy a true flavorful, fresh, free range turkey this Christmas, along with a money back guarantee in the unlikely circumstance of dissatisfaction, opt for Mortons. A number of bronze and black turkeys are now available to purchase either online, by phone or by email. Deliveries are available on the 21st of December, or alternatively collection from the farm shop will be accessible on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th of December.