The usage of Bathroom Tiles

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Bathroom is probably the first place of your house you visit right after you wake up in the morning. So, literally this area can either make your day or break it, depends on how well ordered and arranged you keep it. Ideally, the bathroom should have a dynamic look so that we get to start our day with positive energy and a feeling of optimism. Selecting right bathroom tiles is extremely important to enhance the look of the area. Emphasising on shape, size and design you can play with contrasting colours to give your bathroom a vibrant look all over.

The whole idea is to spread in your bathroom, a feel good aura. The first thing that you need to keep in your mind when you go about choosing bathroom tiles for your bathroom is the colour factor. The colour of the tile should be soothing enough for eyes and complement with the bathroom items and the shower type. For example, if you are using bright coloured tiles for your bathroom floor, you should go for light coloured ones along the border area. Creative use of colours can help your bathroom look good and make this area full of life and sparkling. Use of repetitive colour pattern all throughout can be boring and this would make it look dull. As far as the shape is concerned, you can go for diamond shaped bathroom tiles, if you are using square ones on the floor.

For newly wedded couples, this place can add a new zing to their budding romance. They can opt for floral tiles in light blue or pink or light green which when used in perfect combination would give a drastic uplift to the overall feel of the place. Add a chandelier and you would see how very magical it looks.

While making final decisions, the right material of the tile must also be considered. Tiles come in stones, porcelain and ceramics types, so while going out to purchase them in the market; you need to play a balancing act between your budget, beauty sense and some practical factors. Most widely used Bathroom tiles are Ceramic tiles because they look good and they are economical. You can also go for stone tiles which are high end and is used mostly in hotels and high rise buildings.

The ceramic tiles are found in glazed and unglazed form, with the glazed ones being a little slippery. Stone tiles, in spite being costly, become porous after a certain time. Porcelain tiles are strong and their tough property makes them non porous making it the best available options in the market.