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Turn a Blind eye to your conservatory this winter

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In Britain weve had a love affair with conservatories since the 18th century when they were originally used by the affluent as a place to cultivate potted plants and as a link between the home and garden. “Today,” says Sarah Quilliam, head of product design at Hillarys, “a well-designed conservatory will be bright and spacious, still a stepping stone from… Read more »

Wooden Garden Accessories UK Best Match with Your Needs

Wood has always been a great choice of the people around the words, either to dcor home or garden. When it comes to wooden garden furniture, they are proficient enough to give a classic look to your garden. The exquisite beauty and simplicity of the material truly allure even outsiders to spend some time in your garden sitting on the… Read more »

Most Popular Hanging Basket Liners

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Hanging baskets continue to be a tremendously popular way to decorate your home, garden or business. The displays that can be created are beautiful and can enhance any area with flowers such as begonia, impatiens, geraniums, petunia or pansies. Hanging baskets are either sold commercially at garden centres and specialist garden nurseries or made up by gardeners for their own… Read more »

Gardenlodges.co.uk Offers The Best Services To Build A Garden Studio

Home is not a very good option for running an office. People generally avoid the concept of a home office because they do not have sufficient room in their house. People also tend to develop a phobia of running a home office because they think that they would never get relief from their paper work. In order to overcome this… Read more »