Syner PRO PBO Is a Useful Insecticide Synergist

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We often use insecticides to destroy and kill insects surrounding our home, garden, offices and each and every other place. Repeated use of the insecticides may render the insects resistant to the most commonly used chemicals. Moreover, those chemicals are harmful to the environment and can cause health hazards to humans and other animals. So, experts and scientists started developing methods of exterminating the insects. One such development is a chemical, a synergist which is not an insecticide itself, but enhances the mode of action of the insecticide. Control Solutions, the manufacturers market it by the name of Syner PRO PBO.

This is a unique tank additive which restores the activity of the commonly used insecticides against the resistant insects. You must be wondering how this synergist works. It binds with the naturally occurring enzymes, inhibiting them to degrade the molecules of the insecticide thus rendering it effectual for a longer period of time. It is known and has been tested for increased kill and knockdown. This improved control of Syner PRO PBO implies that a better control over the insect population can be gained in fewer applications of the insecticides. It is therefore cost effective and also beneficial for the environment. The active ingredient that makes it so effective is 91.3% of piperonyl butoxide.

Using Syner PRO PBO is quite convenient too. It may be used in lands used in agricultural purposes, alongside other type of developed lands. It should be mixed in tanks with an insecticide of choice and then applied with spray guns and nozzles. It can also be applied aerially with crop dusters. Drifts should not be allowed as it is harmful for livestock and humans. If these points are noted and the chemical is used accordingly, there is no other insecticide better than this.

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