Strip Till Cultivator – Making The Farming A Pleasant Experience

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To improve the farming yield is the primary concern of all the governments. The consumption of agriculture produce is increasing fast with the increasing world population. Governments are encouraging agriculture trade to develop effective techniques and equipments to make the farming not only more productive but convenient also. The purpose for creating supportive atmosphere is to boost the agricultural produce to reduce the dependency over other countries. Being encouraged with administrative and financial departments of country, agriculture experts are doing well for innovating new techniques to improve quantity and quality of total yield from the same area. Efforts are also being done to reduce the input cost. Strip till cultivator is one such mechanical help that has been proved a boon for many farmers worldwide.

Strip-Tilling ensures better yields from similar inputs in same area. Though it is centuries old practice but it’s benefits became more socially recognized just the decades before. Till then, its benefits have been proved many times scientifically. Individual farm owners, who switch over to it realize the claimed benefits in very first crop. However, ultimate gaining depends upon the use of right machinery, tools and method.

Strip till cultivator is specifically designed to do farming with minimum tillage. Strip tilling that is known as zero-tilling also delivers numerous benefits. This extra edge makes is more acceptable than conventional tillage method. Strip tillage cultivator disturbs only the seed rows. To perform strip-tilling in defined manner, we need perfectly designed tiller. Manufacturers offer wide range of strip till cultivators having different facilities. We can adjust the tiling blades at desired width. The depth of the rows can also be adjusted. Generally, row is made eight to eleven inches wide. However, size of seed strips depends upon the crop to be planted and the soil properties. Farmers using strip till cultivator need less chemicals, fertilizer and water for irrigation.

Strip tillage warms up the soil and creates improved aerobic conditions for seedbed. Under stripped tilling farming, soil nutrients and properties become adaptable to standing crop’s needs. The zero-tilled part of land acts as protection boundary between two rows. Liquid chemicals, fertilizer and irrigating water reach directly to plant’s roots. It reduces the result delivering time minimizing the inputs. As machinery is used to till smaller portion, so you save on fuel cost also. Striped tilling makes the farming environment and owner friendly. It is being promoted because of green gas effects also; it reduces carbon emission.

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