STIHL Power Trimmers

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STIHL trimmers are primarily designed to cut grass and woody plants in gardens, backyards or anywhere that needs clearing jobs. But since, the level of usage vary for each user, STIHL trimmers comes in an array of models for appropriate results. So what STIHL did is they grouped their trimmers on three main categories according to its functions.

Occasional Use Trimmers

These kinds of STIHL trimmers are used in less strenuous jobs like clearing the garden or trimming grass around the house. They are mostly lightweight but still powerful to do the work. These STIHL consumer grass trimmers come with loop handles, and some models feature the STIHL Easy2Start system. Trimmers in this category are likely to have the same basic features like low emission engines and the TapAction, 2-line AUTOCUT head. However, recently made trimmers are revision of the old ones so basically, they have added features and will cost you a bit more.

Professional Use Trimmers

These types are commonly used for landscaping because of its dependable power and durable built though its still lightweight. Trimmers in this category are perfect for farms or ranches and various heavy-duty landscape uses. Generally, professional Use trimmers have significantly high power-to-weight ratio and a professional landscaper’s tough concept. Unlike occasional use trimmer types, professional use trimmers utilize two standard features – IntelliCarb compensating carburetor and Vertical pleated air filter.

STIHL Brush cutters And Clearing Saws

Trimmers under these categories are design for cutting brambles, saplings and tough grasses. These heavy-duty trimmers are built with ergonimic designs for tough clearing jobs while absorbing engine vibrations for the landscaper’s comfort. Like professional use trimmers, these types are primarily used in wide clearing jobs. Even more, these trimmers are used in forestry, municipal, or farm and ranch. It has a rugged design, durable and powerful enough to clear even the roughest fields.

If brand new STIHL tools are too much for your budget,there are many online tool retailers that offer great sales and discounts on power tools. There are also reconditioned tools available for interested buyers. When we say “reconditioned”, it means that they have been refitted by the maker conveyed okay for selling. Reconditioned power tools are most likely in mint condition or the company won’t try to re sell them. Pawnshops is another good source for used STIHL trimmers since power tools are common items to be pawned. Lastly, always remember to ask for a warranty before committing to buy used items. If the seller will not agree to give a few weeks of testing, drop the deal and look for a more ideal seller.