Start A Turkey Farm

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The idea of starting your own turkey farm might be overwhelming, but there is no reason that you couldnt put together a very successful and lucrative business as long as you had the right equipment. You will certainly need a lot of land and some workshop buildings to start, and the rest can be acquired as you go. Many people like to start small and build as they go, but you can dive right in if thats the way you want to do it. Just be sure that you get the right machines to get started, and you will be just fine.

To start slowly, you can begin with a hatchery. Egg incubators are easy to procure, and they will help you to keep a very steady hatch success rate. Your poults can then be sold to turkey farmers, and you can use your earnings to buy more equipment so that you can extend the cycle of life in your own turkey farm. Once the eggs are hatched, you will need a brooder so that your chicks can thrive during the first few weeks of life. This is only necessary if you plan to continue raising the birds on your own. As a hatchery, the birds are usually sold immediately upon hatching, so you can forego the brooder until you are ready to raise the birds on your own.

Once you make the decision to raise the birds into adulthood, you should invest in nests so that they can continue to lay eggs and perpetuate the cycle for you. Again, this is not a necessary purchase until you are ready to continue raising the birds. When you look for nests, you will find that there are several models available. Learn what you can about the different nests so that you can make an informed decision about which to buy. Consider the health and comfort of your turkeys before you buy, and you will see that it pays off for you in the end.

When you decide that you would like to begin processing your own birds for meat, there are more decisions to make. Killing cones, scalders, and pluckers will all be necessary to prepare the birds for consumption. Again, there are a great many different models available, so you may want to investigate which are right for efficiency, as well as which will allow you to provide the most humane treatment for your birds.