Solar Stake Lights

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Solar stake lights are a beautiful way to enhance the lighting around your home in the evening. They are also a terrific way to conserve energy for the environment since they run purely on solar power. Solar stakes are very easy to place in your yard and require almost no maintenance. They are simple, radiant and can enhance any plain looking yard in just minutes.

You can purchase solar stake lights at any nearby home and garden center. Some popular places to buy them include Home Depot and Wal-Mart. There are also a variety of online websites where you can purchase them too. Often, it can be more cost effective to buy solar stakes in bundles instead of as a single item.

Before placing your solar stake lights into the ground, you want to decide where you would like to put them. You might decide to place them near your side-walk so that you and other visitors can see when walking outdoors at night. Also, another ideal place is lined up around your drive-way. This will make it easy parking your car at night too. If there are special garden plants you would like to enhance in the evenings, you can also place solar stakes nearby those as well.

Putting together solar stake lights takes little or no assembly. Most will require only that you screw the top of the light onto the stake. A few solar lights might even require a couple of batteries to place in the light area as well. These batteries charge by sunlight, so you shouldn’t have to replace them often-if any at all.

Place the lights in the pattern that you would like them to be in your yard. Put them alongside a side-walk or around a tree. Try to imagine the finished look in your mind so that you have an idea of what it will look like. You might even thumb through a few home design magazines that feature solar lights for some inspiration.

To put the solar stakes into the ground, simply place the pointed end into the ground where you would like it to be. Do not push the light fixture into the ground-be sure that you are pushing the stake and the light together. Place it about four to five inches into the ground. It should not be too loose while it is in the ground. Make sure that it is tight enough so that the lights do not come loose. If you find that the ground is too dry to place the solar stake lights in, try moistening it with some water or using a rake to loosen the soil. Once the soil has loosened some, it should be easy to screw the lights right into the ground.

It may take a full day or two of sun for the lights to completely shine. Once the lights have charged up enough solar power, you will see all of the beautiful bright lights surrounding your home. You will be able to see as you walk down your side-walk, drive up your drive-way or even admire your flowers in the evening. Best of all, you won’t have to use as much electricity for your outside porch light. You can rely mostly on the stake lights to light your way throughout the yard. Solar stake lights are both radiant and quite economical.