Professional tradesmen vs DIY

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Next time you notice a job that needs doing in your property, before you reach for your toolbox, why not think about making use of professional home and garden services offered by tradesmen in the UK? There are many advantages to this – to find out what, read on.

If you have your heart set on having an extension or getting your loft converted, it is likely that you will be keen to hire tradesmen to do the work, rather than do it yourself. However, there are smaller jobs where it can be equally beneficial to get the specialists in – and this is when you might like to pick up the phone to the professionals.

For instance, if you are considering a new kitchen, it may be best to get expert assistance rather than go it alone. Fitting new units is a tricky task and although it may seem straightforward when you are handing over your measurements to the kitchen shop, once you receive them and are faced with assembling the cupboards and drawers and fitting them, it could appear to be a very different story.

Having spent so much on the units for this part of the house, it would be a shame if they are then not fitted to a high standard that reflects the quality. If you are left with gaps between the cupboards, tiles smeared with paint or surfaces that slope to one side, it does not matter how much you spent, your kitchen will not look as good as you expected. This is why you might want to start looking for kitchen quotes at the same time as you begin browsing the fixtures and fittings.

The bathroom is another area where you may feel confident to tackle a makeover but could wind up regretting this decision. Just like with the kitchen, you might not have the experience necessary to fit the new suite so that the end result is what you wanted. Furthermore, if the design you have chosen requires the shower, sink, bath or toilet to be moved from its original position, you will almost certainly need to contact a plumber, as this can be a complicated task.

To get the best possible result, speaking to bathroom specialists is a good idea. Not only will they be able to fit all of the fixtures so that they look how they are supposed to, they could also give you tips on tiling and flooring, or do this work for you. Indeed, such tradesmen may even be able to give you advice on what bathroom suite to pick out in the first place, in order to make the best use of the space you have available.

As you can see, there are certain jobs where it is worthwhile to call in the experts. However, even with some of the smaller renovation projects, you might find that it pays to seek professional help.

For example, painting or repapering your living room on the face of it appears to be a job that many people would be happy to handle themselves. Yet you could wish you called in a professional if you knock a can of paint on the carpet, or come in the next day to see the wallpaper you spent hours hanging has shrunk and left unsightly gaps.

There are other advantages to looking for tradesmen as well. Redecorating is not usually one of the most urgent jobs and it is common for it to come low on your list of priorities. If you have a busy work and family life you might find it hard to ever fit it in. Furthermore, once you have started it may feel as though the project drags on for weeks and your free time is eaten up by it.

By making use of professional decorators, you can relax knowing the job is getting done for you. Indeed, depending on the size of the task, you could come home from the office to discover you have a whole new look in your living room for you to enjoy, without having to lift a finger. Best of all, the people you hire will be experienced and skilled, so it is likely the job will be finished to a higher standard than if you had taken responsibility for it.

You don’t need to worry about how much it will cost either, as you can research painter and decorator rates in order to whittle down the list of tradespeople living in your area. However, cost is not everything and you might also like to request that they show you their portfolio so you can choose who you hire based on the work they have produced in the past. Depending on the project you need completing, you could also ask to see certificates of their qualifications.

So, before you dig out your toolkit, think about whether you want this particular home improvement left in the hands of an amateur. While you may have gained some similar experience before, a professional will have far more, along with relevant training.

To be as certain as possible of getting the result you want, put down your paintbrush and pick up your phone.

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