Make your Garden a Paradise with Rain Chain

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Rain chains or Kusari-Doi as known in Japan have been used for over hundreds of years. These chains are commonly found in homes, gardens and temples throughout Japan. rain chain provides a beautiful and functional substitute for the rainwater gutter down pipe. The beautiful view of water cascading down gracefully between the sections produces a soothing sound. The flowing water normally finishes at ground level with a weight standing on pebbles that keeps the chains fixed in the wind and rain. It is important to anchor chains at the bottom in order to prevent chain from swinging during strong wind blowing.

A typical downpipe flows directly into the pipe at the bottom, which is useful in carrying water away from the house. Placing the cups or links down into the pipe and securing it is the most common way to anchor the chain. Therefore, it becomes crucial to either move the pipe away from the home, or the water can be flown into the barrel. The water thus saved in a rain barrel can be used to water the garden later. Just as the rain chains are easily available, rain barrels can be purchased at most garden shops. Besides, wine barrels have a decorative yet modern appeal that makes a good finish point for the chain.

There are unlimited options for choosing a suitable receptacle for the copper rain chain. A watering is an ideal option that looks good while sitting in the garden and can be filled with rocks. One can make this visual even more creative as one can make a good anchor for the chain. One of the simplest accessories to anchor the chain is a garden pot. It can be filled with water or pebbles that can be placed at the end of the chain. The copper collinder bowl (copper bowl with drains) can be placed below copper rain chain.

Collinder is a smartest idea to be used over a pond as the rocks come out the debris from the roof and gutter. In such a case, the chain comes down into the water of a deep pot wherein the water keeps the chain from moving around. This in turn produces a great sound as the water drops in the pool. Thus, there are endless options to anchor the chain at the bottom; it depends on individual’s taste to stay traditional or bring in some creativity. In this way, one can create their own garden a paradise.