How Your Windows Can Help You Go Green

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Over time, the money you spend to maintain a comfortable temperature in your property can really add up. Whether you live in a cooler climate where long winters stretch for months or in a warmer climate where hot summers take their toll, you’ll rely on your HVAC equipment to stay comfortable. Unfortunately, your heating and cooling equipment can only do so much to heat or cool your property, and the performance of your climate control appliances depends on many different factors.

The importance of your windows cannot be understated. While they allow for natural light and bring the outdoors into your property, they can make it easy for warm air to pass into our out of your home. If you have an older property, you probably have single pane glass in your windows. This type of window has poor insulating qualities and can make it difficult to properly heat or cool your home. Fortunately, there have been multiple advancements on the materials available to homeowners, and you owe it to yourself to see if updating your thresholds can save you money for the foreseeable future.

A contractor can help you determine the best materials for your home or business. Double-paned glass features an air gap that gives it superior insulating qualities. This air gap is sometimes filled with a gas that further increases its insulating abilities. Heat tends to move to cooler areas. In the middle of summer, outdoor air tries to creep into your property. In the winter, the warm air coming from your HVAC equipment can leak outdoors. With double-paned or triple-paned glass, you can prevent this from happening.

While it may be expensive to pay for a large renovation, the results are often worth it. Consider what you’ll save in the months and years to come. If you pay exorbitant rates on your energy bills, it’s time to look for solutions. In fact, the money you spend to make your property greener could pay for itself in energy savings. No one wants to waste energy, and today’s contractors have the materials and tools needed to make properties more efficient than ever.

Even if you’re not ready to pay for new panes for all your windows, you can do small things to improve energy efficiency. Make sure all thresholds are properly caulked and sealed. If you notice any air gaps, close them up to prevent hot air from leaking in or out. The green revolution is here to stay. Whether you want to save money on heating and cooling costs or be a more responsible citizen, start by looking at property to see if it’s time for a renovation.

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