Green Initiatives In Commercial Construction MN

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The current trend in commercial construction MN is going green utilizing environmentally friendly construction techniques, materials, systems and installations in new buildings. Green commercial construction MN is a response to the environmental problems facing the planet as well as the pressing need to reduce costs, both in the construction and the maintenance of a building. Many commercial clients are requesting an environmentally friendly construction and are looking at energy, water, building materials, heating and many more ways to go green.

One of the more obvious ways of constructing a green commercial building is to ensure it is energy efficient. There are many energy efficient solutions for modern buildings. All aim to reduce the amount of power the building uses, and/or to draw energy from environmentally friendly sources. For example, alternative heating and cooling systems that move away from electricity powered air-conditioning and gas heating are popular. When natural resources can be utilized for power, they should be harnessed. Geo thermal systems that make use of the power from underground, and solar panels, that harness the energy from the sun, are useful alternative energy systems. Buildings are also constructed with skylights for maintaining adequate natural light and cutting down the need for electric lighting. Electricity efficiency devices like motion sensors and energy saving bulbs are essentials for a company wanting to reduce energy costs. Heating systems can be developed that use waste products like oil for their power.

The construction materials are also important for an environmentally friendly building. Use of recycled and renewable materials helps boost a buildings green credentials. The way materials are used can help save water and reduce energy costs. For example, a green roof planted with seedlings and irrigated to reduce storm water runoff can be a great addition to an environmentally responsible building. Another way to save water and reduce water waste is the use of specially designed plumbing fixtures in all the office or retail bathrooms. Rain gardens and water pools save and store water for outdoor irrigation in the summer.

The cost of many green construction projects is returned within a few years of use, due to savings on traditional energy costs or due to the use of a more long-lasting material. What pins together all green initiatives in commercial construction is the need for the green project to fit and suit the building. Contractors and commercial construction firms must look carefully at the overall plan for the space and implement green solutions that are in keeping with the design and function of the building.