Going Green Can Be Very Simple!

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Is your New Years Resolution to go green? Many of us want to go green we just dont know where to start. Did you know that going green can be accomplished just by simply using new trash bags?

The Greencore trash liners are no more expensive than regular trash bags that you purchase on your grocery aisle, yet they have an added bonus of helping out the environment all at the same time. Can your other trash bags do that?

The Greencore trash liners have a guaranteed strength and performance of being better than the regular trash bag. Each bag as a 3-ply construction with a leak-proof flat bottom and is rated Heavy Duty and Extra Heavy Duty for even the strongest bulk of garbage.

The trash liners are 70 percent post-consumer recycled content which gives you superior source for reduction. The trash liners also reduce carbon pollution by as much as 20 percent. Now you can purchase trash liners with green technology without the added cost.

The trash liners are not only good for the environment, but it is also a wise investment. Why buy trash liners that are going to stay in our landfills throughout our lives, and maybe our childrens lives and even our grand-childrens lives? How does that sound? Sometimes when we make purchases that are easy and convenient, we dont take the time to think about the long term effects that it has for many years to come.

Since 1970, Petoskey Plastics have been the innovator in making plastic bags and films that are made for performance. The Greencore can liners contain 70 percent post consumer recycled plastic. They started in 1978 and havent stopped thinking green yet! They want to please the customers by giving those products that are good for them and better for the environment. Using their innovative multi-layer manufacturing process, the can liners meet and exceed the strength of virgin plastic liners of equal thickness.

So next time you want to go green, think of the simplicity of just buying new can liners!