Godrej Window AC

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A dash of cool air is all desired of to get rid of scorching summer heat. An air conditioner is one such device which cools the atmosphere inside your home or office even in hottest months of summer. It makes the space cool by cooling the air there. There are several companies which manufacture air conditioners; you need a good quality air conditioner. Godrej Window AC can be relied upon to save you from blistering heat.

Godrej is a very trusted company in India. It is providing high quality products for more than hundred years. After its successful ventures in manufacturing of steel wardrobes and refrigerators, it is providing great quality air conditioners in India.

Window ACs is preferred over split ACs. These ACs can be installed on any window or opening in the room. Unlike split AC, a window AC has complete unit at one place. Only a smart and attractive faced of the AC is seen in the room and its machine part protrudes behind the window.

Godrej Winodw AC is popular among the consumers in India as they are designed with various good features. These devices are reliable, durable and affordable. These ACs are designed to fulfill the expectations and requirements of the Indian consumers.

Godrej produces basically two types of the window AC namely Navigator series and Maximizer series. You can choose from three sizes of ACs; 1.5 ton, 1 ton and .75 ton. Despite the large number features, you will find the prices of Godrej Window ACs more reasonable as compared to others. Godrej has created a kind of trust among the consumers by keeping prices low as the Indian consumers are very price conscious.

The window ACs manufactured by Godrej are designed latest international technologies. Some of the excellent features provided in these ACs are Active carbon Deodorizer, Blue Fin Technology, Japanese Brand Compressor, Nano metercatalyst filter, green filter and more. Green filter helps make air fresh and healthy in your home. These ACs are also equipped with eco filter and a specialized biological enzyme which help neutralizing microbes and bacteria. This Window AC is very helpful for the asthmatic patients.

The various advanced features not only help in better cooling but also save electricity. They are convenient to use and attractive in looks. The material used for manufacturing them is of good quality. If you are planning t invest in good quality window AC, you can consider Godrej Window AC.