Five Recommendations to Lawn Care

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Grass lawns on residences are important component to landscaping and present a good place for lounging, ball games, and cook-outs. A stunning lawn and garden enhances a landscape by boosting the over-all property value of the house because it becomes visually appealing; it also has several benefits as far as the environment is concerned. A thick, vibrant grass lawns helps prevent soil loss, lessens glare from the sun, alleviates the heat during warm summer days, provides much needed oxygen and filters air and water pollution. The following are five recommendations to lawn care for a better yard:

1. Get started by getting rid of all unwanted weeds. >

Broad-leaf grass can easily be controlled by simply removing them out manually but a sizable lawn loaded with weeds may require a treatment of a broad-leaf herbicide. I really attempt to avoid working with chemical substances but it can make grass management much easier when working on bigger fields. The best weed control strategy is accomplished by prevention so be aggressive on useless grass while they’re young and get rid of them just before they fully developed and begin producing seeds.

2. Be consistent in looking after your garden tools.

Completely clean, mend, lubricate, purchase necessary tools as well as touch up all of the existing garden tools you’ll be using through the entire growing months. A very good mower is very important for keeping up your desired grass so be sure that the blades are nice and razor-sharp. A trimmer with blunt blades makes coarse cuts that damage the grass on every cut.

3. Get a soil sample and have it evaluated for nutritional content by your local Agriculture Extension Office.

Testing soil are critical for producing the correct grass fertilizer system before planting grass seed and should be performed every three to four years of an established lawn. A soil examination will provide you with a reading of what your lawn and garden needs as well as how much to use for every application. Balanced fertilizers like the 15-15-15 or 16-16-16 are well suited for almost all lawn care procedure and needs to be employed once per month during the growing season. Bear in mind that they are only good sources for the macro-nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus, and also potassium. A complete soil evaluation examines the soil for all nourishing substances including a lot of the micro-nutrients which may end up inadequate as time goes by. Garden soil screening will also provide relevant information just in case any soil conditioners like gypsum, lime, or compost need to be used.

4. Adjust your watering procedures.

If you do not already have an automated irrigation sprinkler system hooked up, get one immediately because it will always make your life a lot easier. The right time to water your grass lawns is in the early morning right before sunrise. On the other hand, you can complete half of the task by watering in the morning and then the remaining half during the night. This is also an effective practice as it will allow your grass to use your water more efficiently. Avoid watering during the middle of the day because the majority water is lost in the full sunlight through evaporation and transpiration. Still, your lawn may benefit from being watered during excessively hot, dry and windy days, especially in the middle of summer.

5. Mow consistently. Trimming on a regular and consistent manner definitely will shape your grass lawns to grow at the selected mowing level and avoid unappealing scalping marks. Take note not to cut more than 3/4 inch of grass in one mowing; also do the trimming during cooler temp like in the early morning hours or evening. DO NOT cut your garden when it’s wet because you will scalp your grass lawns horribly and it will take several weeks before your landscape gets back in desired shape.

When taken seriously, these recommendations will help you achieve a good looking landscape. For more lawn care tips to help you maintain a beautiful, green and dense grass lawn all year long, visit Planting Grass Seed Center