Five Reasons To Choose Window Tinting

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Every homeowner is searching for ways to cut back on their energy use and save money too. Unfortunately, many of those money-saving solutions actually cost more than they save: i.e. buying a new energy-efficient furnace, investing in expensive replacement windows, etc. Home window tinting is an energy-saving product that actually gives excellent ROI while adding to the attractiveness of your house! Here are just five of the many reasons why window tinting is a great home improvement idea.

1. They reject the sun’s heat: Most high quality window films actually keep out up to 80 percent of the sun’s heat! This translates into much more comfortable, cooler rooms that do not require as much air conditioning during the hottest parts of the day.

2. They safeguard against harmful UV rays: The best window film will keep out 99 percent of the light spectrum elements that are responsible for the fading of furniture, carpeting, wall hangings, drapes, and other valuable contents in your home.

3. They provide privacy: The reflective qualities of film keep peeping eyes from peeking into your home both during the day as well as at night. Unlike their predecessors, today’s products feature low reflectivity on the inside at night: so you can still look out at your view even when your interior lights are on.

4. They are easy to install: Whether you do it yourself or have the work done by a professional, window films are a snap to apply. Absolutely no construction dust or messes!

5. They are extremely cost-effective: The average window treated with window film costs about 80 percent less than a replacement window.

Once window films are applied, you will notice a difference right away: both in your family’s comfort level as well as in your monthly utility bill. If your family is trying to go “green,” applying window films is a great place to start.