Fencing Cork- Gives A Pleasant Look To Your Garden And Home

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Fencing can enhance the look of your garden and home. Garden fencing provides a pleasant look to the garden as well as it retains homeowner privacy. In Cork fences are available in a wide range of types, style and material. It is used for different applications and uses include privacy, decorative purpose, landscaping, pools, sports, prisons, airfields and many more. It is very hard to list out the all possible fencing uses.
The styles of the fences are picket, dog ear, flat top, rail, gothic, pointed, basket-weave, ornamental and many more. Fences are made by different type of material includes wood fences, vinyl fences, metal fences, aluminum fences, chain link fences, steel fences, electric fences and bamboo fences.

Wood fences are most popular because it is attractive and wood is a better option for fencing. There are many types of wood are available in the market such as cedar, timber, pine, redwood and spruce. Wood is the most popular material for fencing because of its reliability, versatility and easy to maintenance. Wooden fences are kids and garden-friendly.

Vinyl fence is also known as synthetic fence. It is more attractive because it is made by PVC. The maintenance of vinyl fence is easy and it is very cost-effective. This type of fencing never needs sealing and painting. Vinyl is fully recyclable and Eco-friendly. It is used for agricultural fencing, house racing and residential use mostly.

Aluminum and metal fences are available in a wide variety of styles, designs, colors and heights. Aluminum fences have become more popular for picket fences because it is used mostly for domestic boundaries. The main benefit of these fencing is that they do not rust. The most popular colors for fence are gold, bronze and black.

Chain link fence is also known as cyclone fence or wire netting. It is popular for easy installation and their low cost. You can see this type of fencing in the tennis courts and playgrounds. The main advantage of chain link fence is its versatility; it is often the fence of choice for areas that need to be kept secure.

Steel fence is popular for its strength and reliability because steel is one of the mostly used materials in the world. When people are choosing a fence for your home or garden they consider maintenance and durability. If we need low maintenance material, then steel is the best choice for fencing.

Electric fencing systems are used widely for livestock. Electric fencing is mostly used in the agricultural and security sensitive area. Electric power conducts in this type of fencing when someone comes in electric fencing contact includes people and animals. The pain and effects of the shock vary with voltage and current level.