Farm Software to improve farm profit and traceability

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Tenacious Systems provides advanced business management solutions for all sizes of fruit, vegetable and grain & wheat farming companies. Designed to maximise efficiency, traceability, employee accountability, and profitability, the solution is available in a cloud based option, and a local install option.

Tenacious Solutions Farm Manager (TSL Farm ERP) makes the everyday management of modern fruit and vegetable farms more efficient, profitable, and improves traceability & quality. Farm Manager provides software designed to work in fresh produce production and processing, food manufacturing, and quality control. TSL Farm Manager is designed to handle every facet of the business including spray management, irrigation, traceability, task scheduling and all recording requires as specified by BRC and GlobalGAP.

Main features include: Increased farm profit from farm wide efficiency enhancements Greater business control, and increased management agility Higher staff performance Risk reduction from potential food safety recalls Features Include: Yield projections for volume and cash Entire management of all farming activities Automatic traceability management Farm mapping Employee GPS Tracking (for safety purposes) Work tracking via GPS Budget creation & monitoring Management of Post Harvest Interval (PHI) and Re-entry Periods Farm cost reporting Inventory management Alerts based work management draws the correct employees attention to any farming issues that require immediate consideration or action

Tenacious Systems provides cutting edge vertical solutions for Farm management and Packhouse management (packing of fruit and vegetables). The solutions are available online (in the cloud), or in some regions, available in an offline version that can be installed on your own infrastructure.

The entire team of the company consists of highly qualified specialists in the field of food industry, who work with the most modern technology. They constantly introduce innovations that improve quality and profits and they are in continuous contact with their customers. Tenacious Solutions Limited continuously expands its activities and its range, working with producers and farms in countries around the world. Its clients are the owners of successful farming and food production and packaging businesses.

TSL Farm Manager improves the quality of production, to eliminate existing weaknesses and increase profits of customers. Tenacious Solutions provide a comprehensive suite of Farm Management Software (Farm ERP), that improves and simplifies farming operations for medium to large fruit and vegetable farmers and producers. This software is specialized in fruit and vegetable farming.

Farm Software provides a powerful suite of free farm software solutions which make every day farming easier and more profitable – whilst allowing you to maintain higher quality, staff performance, cost control and Farm Traceability levels.