Earn Good Cash From Your Non Working Phones

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I was searching for a mobile recycling company when I came to know about the importance recycling, which helps the environment to go green. I have found many more including Fonebank, Mazuma, Mopay, Envirofone, MobilePhoneXchange and Fonehub etc.mobile recycling companies in the UK. These are London-based recycling companies providing easy, comfortable and fast service to the customers throughout the year.

Every year mobile phone users earn good amount of cash for recycling their mobiles with them which has been paid around multi million to the customers last year. When I decided to recycle my phone, I just followed the procedure step wise to sell mobile phones given at their portal services.

First of all, the phone, which I sent to them was tested and then a cheque was issued based on the condition of the phone. Naturally a mobile phone in working condition will get you more money than a non-working phone. But that doesnt mean that the phones in broken or non-working condition are worthless. They can also earn good cash but it is important to decide the condition of your mobile first. I earned good cash by selling my non working phones to Fonebank.

Generally companies identify both the conditions in the following way:

Phones in Working condition:

The power switch of the mobile phone must operate properly and the phone should not have any crack in it. All the key-in buttons should be in the right place and the LCD too has to be in proper working condition without any damage or missing pixels. Touch screens of the Smart phones should be fully functional though non-functioning of battery is acceptable.

Phones in Non-working condition:

The old and unused phones you send for recycling should not be broken or bent and the LCD liquid should also be intact. In smart phones, its camera, multimedia players etc should be in place. Hence, depending on its condition you can anticipate the price you will be offered for selling your mobile phone.

So, just dont let your old phones sit idly into the cupboards. Recycle the phones instead and get monetary benefit from the unused phones. All companies websites will provide you with further information.