Do You Know How To Get Rid Of Bad Smell Of New Furniture

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Too many people find that the new furniture just bought from the shopping center have the bad smell, which not only pollute the new house, but also affect peoples health. Therefore one hot topic is that how to get rid of the bad smell of new furniture. Some related tips on this aspect are introduced below.

At first, we should know the reason of this bad smell. In short, three main reasons would result in this condition. Firstly, when assembling the pieces of furniture together, the glue is used which contains the formaldehyde. Secondly, some auxiliary materials are added into the furniture which also have the formaldehyde. Thirdly, the paint painted on the surface of furniture always contains formaldehyde. As for such condition, it is better to do some chemical treatment if you want to live in it just a few days later, and the expenses is not too expensive. After that, the air in the room become very clear and the bad small is also got ride. Of course, if you just want to move to the new house one year later, it is better to open the window and ventilate. However, when you move into it, youd better take a test to prevent formaldehyde excessive.

Finally, you can take a try the following ways to get rid of bad smell of new furniture.

Keep the room in the state of ventilation, at the same time, cut the fresh grapefruit skin, orange peel or pineapple into small pieces and place them at the room or the cupboard, drawer. You must replace them one or two days and about two weeks later, the effect would be better.

Make use of bamboo charcoal to get rid of smell. It is so simple to do. Just place the bamboo charcoal in the cupboard and close the window, about 48 hours later, almost lots of formaldehyde would be absorbed. At the same time, bamboo charcoal can be used again during two years time and it is better to dry in the sun every month. If the smell is really difficult to get rid, in addition to bamboo charcoal, you can try to plant some green plants such as chlorophytum comosum, barbados aloe indoor which is useful to purify the air and absorb the harmful gas. Meanwhile, you can buy some high-tech cured flavor detergent in the market.

Buy furniture in the store or shopping center with good reputation, and you must check the certification of the paint and plate about the furniture you want to buy.