Crystals For Moon In Aquarius

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January 20 – February 18

Moon Crystal: Clear Quartz
Intuition Crystal: Aquamarine

When your moon is in Aquarius you dislike change and really avoid it at almost all cost. The crystal that helps balance this for you is Clear Crystal, this crystal has a very clear vibration and it stores, releases and adjusts energies. This is one of the best neutral crystals you can carry and it balances out your fear of change.

You tend to be independent with a flair of eccentricity and anything scientific can grab your interest. You can find your self first in line at any Go Green events as ecology, the planet and humanity are on the top of your list of interests and are very important to you. Encouraging social change and the evolution of the earth’s population is your passion and Blue Celestite assists you in accomplishing these important issues with grace and ease.

Even though you place so much importance on humanity, you tend to feel isolated from it also; and have the feelings and needs of emotional independence, carrying Chalcedony helps balance out these two areas that seem to create a tug and pull on you and it also helps you find the intimacy that you really need in your relationships.

Aquarian Moon people have that feeling that they are misplaced and don’t really belong here, they have that pull within themselves to reunite and want to go home as they just don’t feel comfortable here on earth. If you carry Moldavite with you always, this will help relieve this feeling of not belonging here.

Another area that pulls you in two directions is the part of you that wants change just because and then the part of you that resists change just because; all of this can create extreme mood swings and what stabilizes this is Selenite. You can also use Aquamarine as it assists in the resistance to change that seems to plaque you.

When you find yourself needing to feel nurtured and grounded the best crystal for this purpose is Vanadinite as it will help you feel comfortable here on earth and supports a comfortable connection to where you live here on earth. You can also use it for meditation and it helps you to self-nurture; another great meditation crystal is the Aquamarine as it quiets the mind and helps clear the thoughts and helps you tap into your intuition and higher consciousness.