When is Pest Control an Agricultural Priority?

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The truth is pest control should always be a priority. However, there are certain times of the year when you can change your strategies to keep your animals comfortable and safe. Ticks, midges and mosquitoes are amongst the culprits. The best advice is to always be prepared for pest control as a simple change in temperature or humidity can cause a swarm to take over the flock. Scope your local farming directory to choose the products that will best keep your animals safe and healthy.

The agricultural damage that can be done by these tiny creatures are immense. It not only affects the lives of the animals but also the livelihoods of those who farm them. They breed in huge numbers and can devastate entire communities in less than a single evening. Any outbreak could spell economic disaster if left to escalate to its potential scale of devastation. This is why pest control should always be a priority.

Lumpy Skin Disease

  • Lumpy skin disease can be transmitted by ticks, even in the winter months.
    • Lumpy skin disease can spread to other animals through the saliva of the infected.
    •             Cows carrying the disease will continue to lose weight and their milk production will deplete.
    •             Meat will become inedible and the animal will likely die.

African and Asiatic red water

  • There are vaccines available which should be a priority for those rearing livestock.
    • It is spread by ticks and sometimes when a vaccine is administered to several animals with the same needle.

When to prepare

  • Ticks thrive in warm humid climates, they are at their peak in the rainy summer months.
    • Make sure to check livestock’s ears, under arms and bellies and use pest control in their stables.

Flies and midges

  • Sheep and cattle are mostly affected with symptoms of high fevers, inflammation of the muzzle and lameness as a result of swelling in the hooves.
    • There are 24 kinds of bluetongue so prevention is better than a cure as it is also spread by mosquitoes.

When to prepare

  • They breed in rotting flesh so make sure your dustbins are empty and free of rotting materials and food.
    • Keeping the stables and animals clean should deter pest but added pest control is always good to implement year round.

Rift Valley Fever

  • It is spread by mosquitoes and becomes airborne, quickly infecting entire herds.
    • It can be fatal to humans working with the animals if it takes on a haemorrhagic form.
    •             Causes pregnant animals to abort their brood and causes necrosis of the liver.

When to prepare

  • Mosquitoes require water to breed and females bite to feed the egg protein. When rainy season starts they are rampant.
    • Keep all stagnant water away by emptying anything that may collect stagnant water. If you prevent them breeding you potentially prevent disease.

Practical Survival Gear for Daily Carry

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B. If you encounter a vicious neighbor dog, spraying it could cause a LOT fewer problems than shooting/cutting/striking it. In addition to the legal issues surrounding discharging your firearm, killing your neighbor’s dog will likely cause a lot of strife. Simply using pepper spray could allow you to stop an attack and diffuse the situation without having to tell anyone what you’ve done.

C. If you have a lethal threat, pull your firearm, and the person drops their weapon but doesn’t leave or obey your commands, what do you do? They might be waiting for you to screw up or get close enough so they can attack you, but you can’t shoot them unless they’re posing a threat…pepper spray is a possible solution that could allow you a non-lethal response to buy you submission until the authorities arrive.

D. If you are fleeing a bad guy, you can use pepper spray with limited effectiveness as an area-denial tool. Spray it over your shoulder, on a doorknob, or in a doorway that the bad guy has to go through and it could buy you a few extra seconds.

7. A TINY lock pick set.

And that’s it. I usually wear boots with laces and a good leather belt, but I don’t load myself down very much. Could I carry more? OF COURSE! I carry more/different gear when I’m doing security/medical work. I keep all sorts of medical, survival, and tactical gear in our vehicles. And, I keep food bars and a multi-tool in my computer bag, but I keep the gear on my body to a minimum and always keep my eyes open for improvised medical items and tools that I could use if I needed to.

That last sentence is a key one. The more you train your mind to recognize improvised medical, tactical, and survival tools, the less you actually have to carry with you, which makes your wardrobe choices easier, your load lighter, and allows you to blend in easier. Again, knowledge, skills, and a mind used to improvising will allow you to adapt and overcome many more situations than “stuff” alone.

There are literally dozens of items that many people feel are “must haves” for everyday carry like multi-tools, lighters, zip ties, duct tape, & more. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I choose not to carry those items unless it looks likely that I’ll need to use them.


Unfortunately, not everyplace in the US likes people to be able to defend themselves. When I go to DC or California, I don’t carry my sidearm, I carry a shorter knife, and I make sure that my OC has the proper labeling on it.

What are your thoughts on my daily gear? What do you carry on a daily basis? Why? Let me know by commenting below.

You can learn more about these and other techniques for preparing yourself at Surviveinplace

Solar Stake Lights

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Solar stake lights are a beautiful way to enhance the lighting around your home in the evening. They are also a terrific way to conserve energy for the environment since they run purely on solar power. Solar stakes are very easy to place in your yard and require almost no maintenance. They are simple, radiant and can enhance any plain looking yard in just minutes.

You can purchase solar stake lights at any nearby home and garden center. Some popular places to buy them include Home Depot and Wal-Mart. There are also a variety of online websites where you can purchase them too. Often, it can be more cost effective to buy solar stakes in bundles instead of as a single item.

Before placing your solar stake lights into the ground, you want to decide where you would like to put them. You might decide to place them near your side-walk so that you and other visitors can see when walking outdoors at night. Also, another ideal place is lined up around your drive-way. This will make it easy parking your car at night too. If there are special garden plants you would like to enhance in the evenings, you can also place solar stakes nearby those as well.

Putting together solar stake lights takes little or no assembly. Most will require only that you screw the top of the light onto the stake. A few solar lights might even require a couple of batteries to place in the light area as well. These batteries charge by sunlight, so you shouldn’t have to replace them often-if any at all.

Place the lights in the pattern that you would like them to be in your yard. Put them alongside a side-walk or around a tree. Try to imagine the finished look in your mind so that you have an idea of what it will look like. You might even thumb through a few home design magazines that feature solar lights for some inspiration.

To put the solar stakes into the ground, simply place the pointed end into the ground where you would like it to be. Do not push the light fixture into the ground-be sure that you are pushing the stake and the light together. Place it about four to five inches into the ground. It should not be too loose while it is in the ground. Make sure that it is tight enough so that the lights do not come loose. If you find that the ground is too dry to place the solar stake lights in, try moistening it with some water or using a rake to loosen the soil. Once the soil has loosened some, it should be easy to screw the lights right into the ground.

It may take a full day or two of sun for the lights to completely shine. Once the lights have charged up enough solar power, you will see all of the beautiful bright lights surrounding your home. You will be able to see as you walk down your side-walk, drive up your drive-way or even admire your flowers in the evening. Best of all, you won’t have to use as much electricity for your outside porch light. You can rely mostly on the stake lights to light your way throughout the yard. Solar stake lights are both radiant and quite economical.

Earn Good Cash From Your Non Working Phones

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I was searching for a mobile recycling company when I came to know about the importance recycling, which helps the environment to go green. I have found many more including Fonebank, Mazuma, Mopay, Envirofone, MobilePhoneXchange and Fonehub etc.mobile recycling companies in the UK. These are London-based recycling companies providing easy, comfortable and fast service to the customers throughout the year.

Every year mobile phone users earn good amount of cash for recycling their mobiles with them which has been paid around multi million to the customers last year. When I decided to recycle my phone, I just followed the procedure step wise to sell mobile phones given at their portal services.

First of all, the phone, which I sent to them was tested and then a cheque was issued based on the condition of the phone. Naturally a mobile phone in working condition will get you more money than a non-working phone. But that doesnt mean that the phones in broken or non-working condition are worthless. They can also earn good cash but it is important to decide the condition of your mobile first. I earned good cash by selling my non working phones to Fonebank.

Generally companies identify both the conditions in the following way:

Phones in Working condition:

The power switch of the mobile phone must operate properly and the phone should not have any crack in it. All the key-in buttons should be in the right place and the LCD too has to be in proper working condition without any damage or missing pixels. Touch screens of the Smart phones should be fully functional though non-functioning of battery is acceptable.

Phones in Non-working condition:

The old and unused phones you send for recycling should not be broken or bent and the LCD liquid should also be intact. In smart phones, its camera, multimedia players etc should be in place. Hence, depending on its condition you can anticipate the price you will be offered for selling your mobile phone.

So, just dont let your old phones sit idly into the cupboards. Recycle the phones instead and get monetary benefit from the unused phones. All companies websites will provide you with further information.

Bamboo Blinds And Children Don’t Mix!

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The effect bamboo blinds can have on a home is one of simplicity and serenity. It’s the nature of the product.

If you are about to shop for bamboo blinds, then there is some shopping etiquette to be aware of which we’ll explore in this article. The end result should give you a happier buying experience plus keep some money in your pocket.

Bamboo Blinds

Understand that bamboo blinds are excellent for certain situations. If you have young children then think twice about installing them.

We’re not saying all kids are unruly however, because of the blinds generally light and delicate nature, they obviously won’t withstand too much physical pressure.

They would be perfect for a higher window out of the reach of kids but as far as providing window cover for a child’s bedroom, then go for something a little more sturdy.

Lifting Mechanisms

If there is a fault with the bamboo blinds structure it could be the lifting mechanisms. When shopping for blinds always try before you buy. In other words, test the lifting structure of the blinds.

If it performs in an effortless manner then that is great but if it is clumsy and difficult to operate, it will be frustrating. There are various types of lifting mechanisms available so always test before making a final decision.

Measure Before You Buy

Again, some preliminary work should be performed before heading to a bamboo blinds supplier.

Two things to remember; always carefully measure your window but if you are not sure, then ask a professional. Bamboo blinds hang a little differently than a traditional window covering. Also, make sure you have a solid guarantee on the product you purchase.

Made To Order

Unless you are a serious handyman then always buy made to order. For someone with the experience of installing window coverings then installing bamboo shades should be a comfortable task.

However, if you have very little experience then the last thing you’d want to be doing is cutting up your material to match the measurements you took. It could end up being a very costly and frustrating exercise.

This is why it’s important to get the measuring specs right before ordering.

Want more great tips and advice on all things bamboo ? From blinds to water fountains to bamboo flooring , give your home and garden that special feeling of serenity.

Art’s Impact On Society

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Art is an extremely private experience, yet, it is meant to be shared with the public. Society, as a whole, examines the art produced and has the right to approve, disapprove, acknowledge, ignore, praise and abuse it. The public or society has not remained constant over the years. In the time of the Renaissance, for example, only a select few were “society.” They commissioned art, were patrons of the arts and their artists. Today, almost anyone can share in the experience of art. They can attempt to create, view and act as a critic.

Does art make the world a better place, or is it quite useless? This is a very ancient riddle, and no one has solved it yet. A similar question – has art truly had any impact upon society? Has it fashioned or molded minds? Has it shaped opinions and altered how people feel or think? Is it practicable in or relevant to society and its individuals’ daily lives?

Art reflects life. It is a portrait of history, whether it is history of the current moment or an event in the past or something of the imagination. Art has captured an event, clarifying its existence and representation to society. The portraits of the French Revolution by David, Benjamin West’s portrayal of the death of General Wolfe and Poussin’s recreation of the Rape of the Sabine Women all strive to provide a version of historical events. Society, in turn, can accept or reject these portrayals of true events. Sometimes, as in the case of Goya’s depiction of the French behavior during their conquest of Spain, art inspires a deep hatred of a certain nationality.

Art encapsulate a country’s culture during that time period. Rembrandt, Rousseau, Monet, Hogarth, Whistler, Jan Steen, Frans Hal and Breughel depict for their generation the world as they see it. They affect future society by providing concise, if sometimes imaginative, depictions of daily life. Brughel the Elder paints peasants, Jean Baptiste depicts lower-class life and Daumier’s subjects in “The Third Class Carriage” are not the
lofty work of Gainsborough. The wit and graphicness of Hogarth in “The Rake’s Progress” or the imposing work of Thomas Eakins’ “The Gross Clinic” provide historians with clues and pictures to a vastly different way of life. Jan Steen’s “The Eve of St. Nicholas” provides a way to uncover how people spent Christmas in the early 17th century in the Netherlands.

Art has encouraged feelings of patriotism and national pride. Goya’s, “The Third of May, 1808,” the Americans portrayal of their revolution and countless other artists across the centuries have provided an impact extending beyond the work. Depictions of Washington crossing the Delaware, and portraits of battlefields, at home and abroad, are scenes that inspire society. These works also remind the public of their past, what has been sacrificed or accomplished and what they can aspire to in the present or future.

Artwork has also provided clues to lives long over and species since disappeared. Holstein provides us with portraits of people long dead e.g. Henry VIII, Erasmus of Rotterdam, as Rubens does with his painting of Marie de’ Medici. Goya’s masterful and psychologically rich work “The Family of Charles IV” lays bare the natures and relationships of this royal family for all of society to view. Art has also provided examples of garden styles, structures to be imitated and fashions to follow.

Artwork has allowed us to glimpse lives and lifestyles. At one time, dressmakers in the colonies used the artwork found in magazines and depicted in reproductions of paintings to create the latest in fashionable clothing. Art shaped a fashionable society where none had existed before. It allowed the Americans to be as up-to-date as their European counterparts. In the same manner, George Caleb Bingham with his painting “Fur Traders on the Mississippi” allowed Europeans a glimpse of another life. The art works by the Jewish artists trapped in the concentration camps of World War II preserve for all time the horrors of war and the inhumanity inflicted by one race upon another. Art has also been a medium to help spread a culture. Art of propaganda during war is a classic example. Posters urge people to support their troops. Marketing ploys ask consumers to buy locally or purchase a specific product. Pop art is probably one of the most influential societal tools of the modern and post-modern age. The best possible example is Any Warhol. His Campbell Soup Cans are now icons.

Art has stirred the imagination of all nations from the earliest time. It has helped roused patriotic fervor, brought new ideas and culture to light, raised questions and rewritten or reinterpreted historical events. Art has provided clues to the past and advanced questions about the future. Its impact continues to be felt emotionally. For, above all, art touches us beyond the intellect, reaching down into society’s emotional core. In the end, the greatest impact of art is its ability to provide us with the truth about the world seen through the eye of an artist.

Park Town And Country Buildings Uk!! Storage & Garden Buildings – Driveways Patios & Garages

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Park Town and Country Buildings UK!! Garages, Sheds & Garden Buildings – Driveways & Patios

UK based PTC buildings supplies sheds, workshops, garages, portable offices,store rooms, driveways, patios and walls to South East England. Our brand names include Compton buildings, Marshalls paving and walling Henley Offices and Leofric Buildings. We provide the complete service from design, through base installation to erection.

At Park Town and Country Buildings (PTC) we offer a high quality service to customers in South East England with site visits and one to one advice.

The list of products and styles is almost endless. Pavers, slabs, circles,Natural stone, flag stones, stepping stones, millstones steps, setts, octants,fired stones, slate, lunar shapes, sleepers, posts, decking, tiles, stepping
stones, paths, edges, cobbles, walling, bricks and much more.

In our Concrete Store rooms we offer Leofric Post and Panel Shed which is an Attractive Rockwall style concrete panel with Galvanised steel or softwood door. Our concrete general purpose sheds built using the same proven system as our garages and compare favourably in price with equivalent timber buildings but are more durable and more secure.

Another product is Leofric Vertical Panel Shed which is Vertical Panel Sheds, Durable and secure with an attractive Banspar finish. Leofric concrete storage sheds built to the same exacting standards as our range of garages with compare favourably in price with equivalent timber buildings but are more durable, more secure and more attractive. Roofing material is rot proof and fire-resistant and the roof is trimmed by neat timber fascias at eaves height.

We offer a wide range of Garages of most shapes and sizes from the world class manufacturers Leofric and Comptons. Our garages are grouped into Apex roofed garages and Flat Roofed Garages. The garages with apex roofed include Leofric Light borne Garage which is supplied with a steel,spring operated up-and-over main Georgian door and offers comfort and convenience with room to move. Other models include the Leofric Mayfair Windsor Garage which is the ultimate in garage design, Leofric Mayfair Regent Garage, Leofric Mayfair Classic Garage, Leofric Cornwall Garage, Leofric Sussex Garage, Leofric Surrey Garage, Leofric Severn Garage and Leofric Worcester Garage. We also supply garages which are flat roofed such as Leofric Leamington Garage, Leofric Leighton Garage, Leofric Avon Garage, Comptons Newbury Double Garage, Compton Flat Spar Garage and Comptons Newbury Garage.

We stock or can supply every model of workshop and concrete storerooms that Leofric and Comptons can provide. We also offer 2 types of work shops like Leofric Multipurpose Workshop and Leofric Cabin Workshops.

Due to high demand we can now offer you the fantastic range of Henley Offices. These are convenient garden offices installed with minimum fuss. This unbeatable office comes with excellence as standard. There are many
good reasons why Henleys are the best selling personal offices in the UK and with a garden office you enjoy a professional home office environment without sacrificing valuable home space.

Our goal is to provide customers with the most convenient and cost-effective source for basic, high-quality pre-engineered garages, sheds and storage buildings and related construction products. You, our customers, are the most important component of all. That’s why we’re working as hard as we can to give you the highest quality products, the best value for your money and the most convenient way to shop.

Use A Pergola Design To Add Charm And Beauty To Your Garden

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A pergola can add a particular, unique quality to the look and feel of a garden or as an accessory to your house. It can be used to suspend flower pots, provide support for climbing plants, hang a swing or hammock, or simply serve as a decorative element. A pergola design can be built to stand apart from your home or attached to it. This article will give you some tips in choosing the right design.

Of course, like any other home DIY project a good set of plans will be invaluable in helping you build your pergola. A detailed plan will show you step-by-step how to construct your pergola and may even have video tutorials to steer you through the more intricate details.

Pergola design

One of the most frequent uses of a pergola is a free standing structure on a patio or a deck. It consists of four or six posts with a roof, which is usually lattice or wood cross pieces. After the pergola is built you can match the surrounding structures by painting or staining it.

Because pergolas have many versatile uses, they provide a distinctive dimension to any deck or patio. It creates a nice little outdoor space where you can sit and enjoy a drink, read a book, listen to some music, and spend an enjoyable lazy afternoon.

Using trellis work as part of a pergola design is a popular practice with many woodworkers. This design creates a sort of courtyard bounded by one or two trellis work walls. These types of pergolas can be built on an existing slab or patio and will further compliment deck designs.

Simple pergolas are occasionally built out from a front door or porch as a way of extending the entry way. You should try to match the stain or paint color of the pergola to the shutters or trim on your house. When your project is complete you’ll have what appears to be an extension to your home’s entrance. It provides some limited shelter and looks very appealing.

A pergola built in a garden makes a lovely focal point which can be used for a wedding or other festive occasions.

Another option is to construct a pergola down the side of your house and extend it out at several places to allow for built in seating.

One of the popular features of pergolas is the rustic looking design. Rough hewn logs and unstained beams can be used to create this kind of design.

Things to remember while building a pergola

1) Always check the permit requirements before you start building. This will avoid a lot of unnecessary headaches.

2) Use pressure treated timber to build your pergola if you don’t want the rustic look. Make sure you apply a high quality wood preservative to the cut edges and any other untreated areas.

3) Make your pergola look like a natural canopy by letting vines grow wild on the structure. A pergola provides a great place to grow plants that thrive in the shade creating an encompassing garden effect.

The ideas offered above can help you build a pergola easily and with minimum cost using plans you can find online or from other sources. There are many innovative pergola designs that you can find with a little research either online or at your local library.

Lounge About With Outdoor Chaise Soft cushions

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A chaise lounge is simply French for lengthy chair, and it really is what it’s: a lengthy chair. It truly is a couch that has been fashioned to look like a chair that was elongated so that the legs could be raised up. This chaise lounge may be the basis of the outdoor lounge chairs where persons usually use to lounge around their pools or their patios. Here lies the largest difference: the chaise lounge is not only shaped like a couch, it is also upholstered like a couch, giving any person seated on it instant comfort. Outdoor lounge chairs, whether or not produced from iron, plastic or wood, all do not have cushions on them, producing them uncomfortable to lounge about. This is exactly where outdoor chaise cushions come in.

Outdoor chaise cushions are the very best issue that ever occurred to outdoor lounge chairs for the reason that many can effortlessly appreciate the comfort they offer. These cushions give the utmost comfort in particular when lounging about while reading a book and sipping on some iced tea. An additional great issue about these cushions is that some cushions were specially produced to be placed on the pool side, to ensure that after a quick lap, you could put in your shades and catch some rays even though comfortably lying on the cushion without having be concerned of moisture destroying it.

These cushions differ from one lounge chair to an additional, so prior to buying outdoor chaise cushions, you should keep in thoughts that every single chair is unique, and there’s no single fitting for all chaise cushions. There are cushions that have round corners, and there are those that include squared corners. Some makers even make various styles, including the channeled, the quilted, the stitched plus the plain, which can all be completed in relation to whether or not your lounge chair has 1 break, two breaks, and even three. Some can even do custom outdoor chaise cushions for those specially created outdoor lounge chairs.

The chaise lounge as well as the fantastic quantities of comfort it can give might be for the living room or the den, but the outdoor lounge chair can easily be comfy too with the aid of outdoor chaise cushions. Having distinct shapes and sizes, several chaise cushions have reached the amount of comfort that a chaise lounge can give, and some have even surpassed it. The very best issue about outdoor lounge chairs with is that the cushions had been created to withstand extreme climate conditions like heat and rain, producing them last longer as compared to any other outdoor cushion.

Now that you know how great the outdoor chair cushions are, there’s no doubt what’s going in your head. But before you go out and buy them, make sure you visit BestCushions.com now for more information on other cushions such as the memory foam cushions.

Make your Garden a Paradise with Rain Chain

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Rain chains or Kusari-Doi as known in Japan have been used for over hundreds of years. These chains are commonly found in homes, gardens and temples throughout Japan. rain chain provides a beautiful and functional substitute for the rainwater gutter down pipe. The beautiful view of water cascading down gracefully between the sections produces a soothing sound. The flowing water normally finishes at ground level with a weight standing on pebbles that keeps the chains fixed in the wind and rain. It is important to anchor chains at the bottom in order to prevent chain from swinging during strong wind blowing.

A typical downpipe flows directly into the pipe at the bottom, which is useful in carrying water away from the house. Placing the cups or links down into the pipe and securing it is the most common way to anchor the chain. Therefore, it becomes crucial to either move the pipe away from the home, or the water can be flown into the barrel. The water thus saved in a rain barrel can be used to water the garden later. Just as the rain chains are easily available, rain barrels can be purchased at most garden shops. Besides, wine barrels have a decorative yet modern appeal that makes a good finish point for the chain.

There are unlimited options for choosing a suitable receptacle for the copper rain chain. A watering is an ideal option that looks good while sitting in the garden and can be filled with rocks. One can make this visual even more creative as one can make a good anchor for the chain. One of the simplest accessories to anchor the chain is a garden pot. It can be filled with water or pebbles that can be placed at the end of the chain. The copper collinder bowl (copper bowl with drains) can be placed below copper rain chain.

Collinder is a smartest idea to be used over a pond as the rocks come out the debris from the roof and gutter. In such a case, the chain comes down into the water of a deep pot wherein the water keeps the chain from moving around. This in turn produces a great sound as the water drops in the pool. Thus, there are endless options to anchor the chain at the bottom; it depends on individual’s taste to stay traditional or bring in some creativity. In this way, one can create their own garden a paradise.